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Free Play Florida 2018! I was in a play with Keith Apicary, Angry Video Game Nerd & more!

via IFTTT WOW! I knew Free Play Florida was going to be fun, but I had no idea it was going to be EPIC! In this week’s adventure, I meet and get to be in a play with Keith Apicary (the supremely talented Nathan Barnatt), Brian Colin, Angry Video Game Nerd (James Rolfe), and my friends Splorin Ryan and Greg of Adventures of George! Also hanging out were our friends Shawn and Sheeka of Negrorlando! Not only did we get to meet and hang out with Keith/Nathan and James, but we also met George Lowe, the voice of Space Ghost, AND MORE AWESOME PEOPLE! We helped to make props for and got to be in Keith’s play, “Rampage the Musical,” played lots of games, and ended the night with a dance party and a performance by Keith! Thank you to Brandon and all the wonderful people at Free Play Florida for inviting me and for a wonderful event of community, togetherness, art and hilarity… and even a bit of history as I also check out some early 1900s pinball games!! Please tune in to the entire video so you don’t miss any of the fun, and after you watch mine, please check out my friend’s videos of this day!! (I will include links as soon as I have them, but their channels are: Adventures by George, Splorin Ryan and Negrorlando!) Thank you for watching, please enjoy!!

If you want more, and an audience’s view of the play, check out Negrorlando’s video: https://youtu.be/JT3jpHebRR4

Also, Greg & Ryan will have videos out soon at:

#freeplayflorida #fpf2018

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