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Medieval Times Florida Experience | Dinner Show, Joust & Eating Like Peasants!

via IFTTT Join me and some friends for an evening of chivalry and honor as the Queen herself hosts a royal banquet, accompanied by showmanship, falconry, beautiful horses and of course, the joust to determine which knight will be the champion of the realm! I will show you the dinner, how it is served, how you eat it (like a peasant!), and some of the highlights of the show (without giving away too many spoilers)! I hope you enjoy this rousing video documenting this unique attraction – something special, different and fun to do with the whole family during your visit to the Orlando area! This is perfect for a date night, family night out, birthday or other celebration, or group of friends looking for something cool to do! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN & STAY ENTHUSED!

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