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SeaWorld Orlando Halloween Spooktacular Celebration & Craft Beer Festival 2019!

via IFTTT It’s that time of year again and see world Orlando is celebrating a Spooktacular Halloween event and a food and craft beer festival at the same time! Join me as we use our free samples that are being awarded to sea world pass holders right now, and also collect candy on the trick or treat trail! The whole thing is family friendly, really cute and a lot of fun! I also was able to show some of the construction on SeaWorld’s newest coaster that is opening up next year, icebreaker! I attended the media event for the announcement about icebreaker and was able to sign one of the support beams, so I included that footage here while showing the construction update! One of the coolest things ever knowing that I signed a support beam for a coaster and I will always know it whenever I ride it or look at it! Are you excited to ride ice breaker when it opens? One of the most unique things about sea world is that is it it is a mix of a roller coaster park with world-class coasters and a family friendly park with Sesame Street, festivals, and cool entertainment.

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