Thank You

Thank you to November Patrons!

Thank you so much to November Patrons at Patreon & at Buy Me a Coffee! Your contributions have gone towards wind muffs (hopefully you’ve noticed an increase in audio quality and much less wind noise!) and other tech enhancements, and will always go towards improving the quality and frequency of videos, vlogs, blogs and more! You are part of the community and you are appreciated! (If you would like to be listed under a different name in the Thank You lists, please email me at or send me a private message through Patreon).

A hearty thank you to November Patrons & BMAC supporters!

Spencer A.
Dennis N.
Leon Lewis Camper Tea Adventure
Steven S.F.
Alex W.
Chriss W.
Dan W.
martin f.
Michael B.
Yey1na’s Journeys
Billy & Becky in NOLA
Ken R.
Michael B.
Jason (Coffee)
Jeff W. (Coffee)
Barbara G.
Fredrik R.
Jason M.
Jeff K.
Stephen P.
HFP Travels
Kip G M.
Rich M.

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