Last Night in London! Phantom at West End, Dinner at Wagamama, Leicester Square, Travel to Florida!

via IFTTT Join me for our last night in London for this Dec 2019-Jan 2020 epic trip! For our last night of the trip, we did something epic – dinner at Wagamama and my first West End show – my favorite, Phantom of the Opera!!! We even got photobombed by Britt Lenting, the amazing actress and singer who plays Carlotta, which left me pretty much speechless, which is rare for me!! Then I include my travel day from England back to Florida, so accompany me on the journey and THANK YOU for joining us for this wonderful trip!! Now it’s back to Florida to cover so many exciting things, and there will be plenty more travel to come in the future so please subscribe and stay tuned! Stay Enthused!

Hi, my name is Jackie and I am Super Enthused! Join me for a fresh perspective on theme parks, unique attractions, hidden gems, dining and travel. Tips, tricks and lots of fun – always with a spirit of adventure and optimism!

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